This is your time – your moment.  And it's my job to not only capture those moments, but ensure you’re making the best of memories in the process. I strive to create an experience that’s stress-free and authentically you. From the moment you book, we will chat about everything from the perfect location to the perfect outfit. After all, I’m here to deliver breathtaking images and help you SHINE

Hey there! I’m so excited you are here!  Whether you are recently engaged, a new mama, or ready to document a moment in life that you can cherish forever, I’m thrilled you’re here. Life is short, so capturing moments in time is not just important – it’s precious and invaluable. With that being said, I want your experience to be meaningful, fun, and stress free.



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My mom was my life…my world. She was my bestest friend and the one I shared everything with. She passed away in May 2019, only a month after I photographed her with her momma. It was then that I realized pictures truly are worth a thousand words. They are more than just people laughing, frozen in time. They are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. So many memories were made while taking those pictures, and in my grandma’s words, they mean more to her than anything in this world. She explained, “If someone came to me with a million dollars, I wouldn’t take it for the memories we made that day.”

The picture on my mom’s tombstone is one of the last pictures I snapped of her that day, and she thought it was absolutely beautiful.  

I want to share this story with you in the hopes that I convey just how irreplaceable pictures are. They tell the stories and hold the memories in our hearts for years and years to come.

A story about me and my buring passion for PHOTOGRAPHY


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